I love food!

Hi! My name is Piper, I am a wife and a mom and I love to eat! No lie! I mean, don’t we all? I am always thinking about my next meal.

I love to cook. Don’t get that confused with baking. I don’t bake. Yet! I love savory foods. The spicier the better. I am no chef but I do like to dabble in my kitchen.

I absolutely LOVE dining out! I love going to new places and trying new dishes. I plan our vacations around food. I plan all of our food stops and love looking through reviews and recommendations of others.

That got me to thinking. Why not blog? This way I can look back and see the places we have been. Wether they were delicious or just Meh. Wether I want to try them again or delete from my memory. If I lead someone else to try a place we have been, even better.

My goal is to blog what I think, feel and most importantly taste. My opinions are just that, my opinions. I hope I provide some laughter and many wonderful reviews of all the restaurants myself and my family visit along our journey called life.

Until the next blog! I exercise to eat!



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