Local favorite a new favorite of mine!

IMG_0201Sooooooo, Robert and I tried Chef Point in Watagua today and, WOW!! We have heard about it for years but never ventured out there to try the raved about food served in a gas station.

Well, first off the only thing that resembled a gas station was the parking lot. It was super cute inside and smelled scrumptious. We got there right at noon and so glad we did. When we left there was a line out the door.

Janay was our waitress and she was so sweet and made our dining experience perfect. She recommended the blackened stuffed chicken paired with angel hair pasta with a cream sauce. Robert jumped on that and he thought it was great. I too tried a bite of his and it was very good.

I had the hot brown. Oh my!!! This was the biggest sandwich I have ever laid my eyes on. I mean besides the fact there was two pieces of bread and meat this really can’t be called a sandwich. It was a meal. It was two pieces of Texas toast with sliced ham and turkey. They then grilled the sandwich and topped it with sliced tomatoes and bacon and asiago cheese sauce. Oh my!! It was delicious!!

There is so many more things I want to try (better than sex fried chicken?), we will be back.

Until the next post, I will exercise because, well, I exercise to eat and I love to eat!!


One thought on “Local favorite a new favorite of mine!

  1. We tried CHEF POINT when it first opened several yrs ago. Needless to say, we were hooked!!! We’ve loved, loved, loved EVERYTHING that we’ve eaten, but “we’ve only just begun”.


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